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art and design + online systems + web site production

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what we doWhat_we_do.html are a team of creative developers of systems created to give your business the ability to operate through the availability of the internet in a true paperless and instant, responsive and professional manner.

Our online systems will give you the freedom to leave the office and run your business from a hand held device from anywhere in the World where you have internet access.

NOW, you can do that, easily, simply and without the costs of staff, buildings, warehousing or big overheads.

Think Globally,

your business can do it !

OnLine Products All made in Melbourne Australia


Manage your own web site contents & products online.


High quantity products catalogue online manager system.


Provide online training to staff or clients in any subject.


Run your own Auction system online, your products, your terms.


Online networking listing, promotion and advertising system


Reciprocal web site promotion system for our clients only.. its FREE.

Recent Works

         All of our Online eProducts Systems are designed, managed & maintained right here in Melbourne Australia. We host our own servers & your online Systems. There are NO, off shore  services used so you can guarantee access, communication & reliability. We can & will happily listen to your needs and wants. Talk to us, we look forward to doing business with you.

Dynamic  Development

Dynamic Designs recently created a totally paperless timesheet records system for a large building and construction team in Melbourne.. Staff and Contractors on site now provide daily times using their mobile phones, ipad, laptops or computers, everyday, directly to the company... everyday.


We are currently working on a system to provide project managers timeline control through iPad online access giving them options to develop, produce, change and create a continually accurate manager for projects with multiple suppliers over short or long projects...   

eTimeLine - coming soon

Our dynamic development team are continually producing systems to produce the products you need in your business, to run your business yourself from your online device.

Of course you need a great system behind the scenes and you also need a great look. We can assist in creating your corporate design and look, with you in the control seat.

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Now you can do all your invoicing online thru your hand held device, laptop or any computer anywhere in the world... just imagine that !


Visitors to your web site can now make an online booking. Book OnLine for an appointment, a table in a restaurant, a support call, tickets, vouchers... make a booking online, Now you can !  

eBizBook - coming soon